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Mythos P/C Datamanagement System

AdWare Research has developed its own Oracle® based Data Management System, called Mythos. Basic function of the System is to collect electronic data from clinical studies.

Mythos possesses several advantages and features that make it user friendly and easy to like and to use:



  • prompt access – data captured at study sites are immediately forwarded to the study centre, where they are safely stored and are available to the statistical analysis team, dramatically reducing the delay between data entry and statistical evaluation.
  • high quality – continuous data checks, automated audit trails and semi-automatic query management procedures ensure the elimination of errors and inconsistencies in the data
  • status report – the system provides up-to-date reports on the study status based on the central database
  • cost-efficiency – since Mythos is web-based, there is no need for further IT development at the study site, the only requirement is Internet. The use of e-CRF can save further costs.
  • flexibility – e-CRF can easily be customised according to the needs and expectations of the customers. Moreover, Mythos can handle unlimited number of study sites and double data entry
  • electronic administration format – the System can generate SDTM tables defined by FDA.

Mythos is FDA and EMEA comaptible, and satisfies GCP requirements. It can be purchased either as a service or as a product. The pre-clinical version of Mythos is under development and will be available in the first half of 2010.

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