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Drug combination

The main aim of the project is to develop a new and cost-effective technology for producing and trading a muscle-relaxant based on TOLPERIZON that have been accepted on the national and international markets as an effective medicine.
Tolperizon has traditionally been applied for treating pathological excess striated muscle tone triggered by organic neurological disorders (pyramidal pathway lesions, sclerosis multiplex, cerebrovascular incidences, myelopathia, and encephalomyelitis).

Recent research has proven that the product can be successfully applied as a pain killer (chronic joint gouts), for relieving anxiety, depression, and it may enhance peripheral circulation as well. As an adjuvant therapeutic product, Tolperizon can be successfully applied for cerebrospinal problems, too.

The main advantage of the product lies in its wide therapeutic applicability. All these features provide further possibilities for the company to improve the product and to extend its presence in the market.