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Approved EU and National grants

Grant Code Topic Participating Companies
FP7-KBBE-2012-6-311876 PATHWAY Adexgo Ltd; AdWare Research Ltd; Campden BRI Hungary Ltd.
GOP-1.3.1-11/B-2012-0033 Development and production of high quality supplements for producing premium food of animal origin and functional food Adexgo Ltd.
GOP-1.3.1-11/B-2012-0007 GCP compliant validated data and trial managment for approving the safety and/or efficacy of functional food or pharmaceuticals in adaptive clinical trials AdWare Research Ltd
KDOP-1.2.1-11-2011-0003 Development of PharmAgora Cluster's management, pharmacological and analitical background services in the Balatonfured region AdWare Research Kft., Cera-Med Kft., Experimetria Kft., Toxi-Coop Zrt.
GOP-1.3.1-09/B-2010-0012 Multifunctional use of molasses - byproduct of sugar production - in the production of functional foods Solum Plc.
GOP-1.3.1-09/B-2010-0011 Development of safe, liquid egg based functional food family EcoMotive Ltd.
GOP-1.3.1-08/B-2009-0002 Non-invasive gastro intestinal recording system for absorption problems and detection of intrinsic intestinal diseases Experimetria Ltd.
GOP-1.3.1-08/B-2009-00018 Development of a TOLPERIZON based generic product family, and its technology. Preparation for the manufacturing Meditop Ltd.; AdWare Research Ltd.
GOP-1.3.1-08/B-2009-0004 Improvement of pre-clinical experiment planning and automatic statistical evaluation system in toxicology, and REACH trials complying with CDISC SEND standards AdWare Research Ltd.
GOP -1.3.1-08/B-2009-0017 Development of food products rich in curatives based on a special feeding technique and milk produced by the applicant Solum Plc.
GOP-1.2.1-08-2009-0015 Developing an innovative human diagnostic and life quality improving method based on a recording system with a new technology Diemag C Ltd.
GOP-1.2.1-08-2009-0016 Development of a new food product-line (milk, egg) aimed to improve life quality and disease prevention ESA Ltd.