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About us

PharmAgora Quality of Life Cluster (at the beginning Pharmapolis) was established in 2007. by 11 SMEs from the pharmacology and life science industries. The main motive of shaping such cooperation was to cover a larger part of the pharmaceutical and health market, to be able to offer more complex services and to create a common platform that helps to strengthen market positions of the member companies.

Thanks to the long-time cooperation between the members, to the single market profile and to the precise realization of the innovative ideas the Cluster achieved significant results that were acknowledged by the Hungarian Pole Programme Office by giving the Accredited Innovation Cluster title to PharmAgora. Besides the Hungarian accreditation the Cluster has expressed its interest in striving for cluster excellence and was awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in BRONZE.


In 2009, the member companies decided to change the Cluster name to PharmAgora Quality of Life Cluster.
The Cluster has 25 members at the moment out of which 19 are SMEs.

The most promising current running projects of the Cluster aim at such innovative areas as functional food products, nutritional supplements, drug combinations, corresponding instrument developments and clinical data management, biostatistics and comprehensive, rigorous quality assurance.