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Developing recording systems for preclinical studies, and human diagnostic solutions

The 27 year-old Experimetria Ltd, due to the continous development activity has secured its stable position on the world market. Product scale of the company ranges from equipment used in pre-clinical physiological, pharmacological, pathophysiological, and applied anatomical experiments till human diagnostic tools.

  • Isolated organ/tissue system
  • Perfusion systems
  • In-vivo experimental devices
  • Electrophysiology equipment
  • Behavioural measurement systems
  • Zebra fish measurement systems
  • Cardiovascular diagnostic system
  • EEG measurement system
  • Muscle myography system


Pharmaceutical production

The number of fungal infections has increased dramatically in the last few years, due to the wide-spectrum antibiotic, immunosuppressive and anti-neoplastic therapies, and the spread of HIV infection. Local anti-mycoticums have significant role in the prevention of the further spread of fungi. The already available MYCOSID dusting powder has been an efficient tool in the prevention of interdigital mycosia and recidivia. Moreover, the pathogen Pityriasis versicolor is also sensitive to MYCOSID. MEDITOP has improved the MYCOSID dusting powder and has created a gel version of it. According to the trials, MYCOSID gel is perfectly suitable for preventing and treating of fungal infections. its anti-mycotic activity has been certified against dermatophyton funghis. MEDITOP has developed a new, adjuvant therapeutic drug for all kinds of diabetes which had been derived from the VITION capsule (a drug for congestive heart failure).

Fitness systems
Medical diagnostic