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Research and development

Functional food

In the recent decades, research activities aiming to produce functional food have increased. The main benefit of these food products, beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients, is that their regular consumption might have a health-promoting effect and may reduce the occurrence of certain diseases.

The main aims of research activities discussed in professional articles were to modify the composition of fatty acids in the food, and to increase its vitamin-content. In case of monogastric animals (e.g.: pig, broiler chicken, hen, goose, rabbit) the research has provided positive result.

Member companies of the Pharmagora Cluster have been doing research in this area since 2005; information about the results can be found under the 'Current Projects' menu tab.

Dietary supplements 
Pharmaceutical development (generic combinations)

Finding further/new effects of known therapeutic medical products and expanding their therapeutic use is nowadays a hot issue. MEDITOP Ltd has a wide range of experience in drug production and technology and, together with the scientific and technological background of the cluster, the company has acquired a successful portfolio in the field of generic products in dermatology and of drug-combination for cardiovascular and metabolic problems.

Preclinical methodology
Preclinical equipment development
Medical diagnostic methods (equipment development)
Hardware/Software, data structure development